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This website demonstrates the marine chemistry data stored in the Ocean Data Bank (ODB). It facilitates data visualization of chemical parameters in the waters around Taiwan by querying temporal and spatial ranges. This website integrates with ODB's chemistry and CTD databases, whose data were collected/compiled from marine research vessels and various data sources (see Our Data). Moreover, users can retrieve data and metadata of individual stations or vessels on the stations page.

  • Our Data
    • Data sources
      • Bottle data were mostly contributed from National Science and Technology Council projects. In addition, there are also South East Asia Time-series Stations (SEATS) data from Dr. Fuh-Kwo Shiah (Research Center for Environmental Changes, Academia Sinica) and the bottle data from the lab of Dr. Chen-Tung Arthur Chen (Department of Oceanography, National Sun Yat-sen University).
      • CTD data were collected from marine research vessels of Taiwan. Our inventory not only provides access to all CTD components held in our database, but also to dissolved oxygen, transmission, and fluorescence data collected with auxiliary sensors.
    • Data requests
      • Data in ODB falls under the data release policies of the National Science and Technology Council, Taiwan. Please visit the ODB website for more information.
      • To apply for the data on this site, please fill in the request form and send it to yehtc@ntu.edu.tw.

  • Remarks
    • Query min/maximum and mean values of chemical parameters for every 1-meter depth in the stations by giving query criteria (e.g., longitude/latitude ranges) on the homepage.
    • Note that the querying results are available only when the number of stations from the query criteria is more than 3.

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